Information for Courses

Sr No. Name of the course Course Content course Duration /Available Dates/Minimum number of participants/ course fees/Last Date of application
1 Workshop on Genetic Health Assessment Genetic history taking, Physical examination, Pedigree charting, Risk assessment, Identifying the pattern of inheritance of genetic disorder in the family, Assessment of what genetic tests are to be done with the possible out comes 2 days:
Minimum No of Participants-20
Fees-Rs 6900/-
2 Workshop on Conventional Cytogenetics and Karyotyping Sample Collection; Tissue culture, Harvesting, Slide preparation, Staining; Banding, Microscopy, Chromosome Identification (normal and abnormal). All hands on training 7 days:
No of Participants-10
Fees-Rs 18800/-
3 Certificate course on Genetic Counseling Genetic Health Assessment; analysis of health record; pre-test genetic counseling and post-test genetic counseling, Karyotype analysis 10 days:
No of Participants-10
Fees- Rs 21400/-
4 Certificate Course on Medical Genetics Genetic health assessment; Genetic counseling; Exposure to Cytogenetic Laboratory and Karyotyping; Basis of prenatal diagnostic Screening tests and Definitive tests 30 days:
No of Participants:10
Fees- Rs 42000/-

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