Information for Patients

Why are you referred to a genetic center?

you are referred to GHRC for one of the following reasons:

  • Either you have genetic disease or
  • you are at risk of having genetic diseaseor
  • you are at risk of inheriting a genetic disease to your children
  • you are a likely carrier for a genetic mutation and
  • you need to be counselled and tested if necessary for the genetic disorder in concern
Who can be benefited at GHRC?

  • Couples with primary/ secondary infertility, not responding to conventional management
  • Couples with recurrent spontaneous miscarriages (more than 2)
  • Couples with Intrauterine deaths, stillbirths, Intra-uterine growth retardation
  • Couples with family history suggestive of genetic disorder or carrier status
  • Couples with previous neonatal death, childhood death
  • Couples with history of a child with congenital malformation or mental retardation or developmental delay
  • Couples with consanguineous marriages
  • Women with primary or secondary amenorrhoea
  • Girls or boys with underdeveloped secondary sexual characters
  • Individuals with abnormal growth patterns like short stature or excessively tall stature
  • Children with ambiguous genitalia
  • Children with mental retardation
  • Children with failure to thrive and showing metabolic imbalance
  • Pregnant women above 35 years of age
  • Pregnant women with abnormal USG or abnormal maternal biochemical screening tests
  • Individuals or families with known genetic diseases
  • What happens when you visit GHRC?

    At the registration counter, you are required to fill up the registration form and the consent form, read all the instructions carefully.

    You are then counselled by the medical geneticist after initial genetic health assessment that involves understanding your complaints, your health history, family history, pedigree and clinical problems. Counseling includes explaining to you the nature of your problem, whether it is likely to genetic or non-genetic, what tests are necessary to perform for confirming or ruling out the initial diagnosis, cost and utility of the genetic testing and further course of actions.

    If you are willing for genetic/other necessary testing your samples are then collected, you are informed about the likely date of issue of report and you are then given subsequent appointment for post-test counseling.

    After your test result, you are further counselled regarding the meaning of the report, the nature of the disease and its future consequences, availability of management, prevention and any support and follow up. Then you go back to your doctor physician who has referred you to GHRC, for further treatment.

    How to take appoinment at GHRC?


    All your information is kept completely confidential at GHRC

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